Kintore WI Tweedsmuir Community History Scrapbook, Volume 3, 1980-89, p. 1

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Kintore Women‘s Institute Tweedsmuir fonds | Kintore Women‘s Institute Tweedsmuir History Pictoral Volume Three Scrapbook Index No Date Page 1 Painting of a trillium by Helen Hryniw 1986 ' Page 2 Blank Page 3 3 Photos of Diamond Wedding Anniversaries of the Kintore Community (cont‘d from Scrap book Vol.1): Photo of Margaret and Bruce Brown Nov. 11 1982 | Photo of Harold and Mabel Quinn married 60 years on Jan. 1, 1984 | Photo of Mary (Land) and William Alderson celebrated 60‘ anniversary 19367 House in the background was destroyed in the tornado on May 21, 1953 Page 4 Blank Page 5 Golden Anniversaries of Kintore Community: Photo of Irwin and Eva Tate married 50yrs. Dec. 30, 1975 Photo of Horace and Melba Weeks 50yrs, April 5, 1984 Photo of Maurice and Agnes Henderson, Sept. 1980 Photo of Grace and Howard Hepworth Golden wedding, April 2, 1984 Page 6 Photo of Ruby and Victor Woods at their 45" anniversary, celebrated 50°" on Sept.1, 1978 Photo of Helen and Mike Hryniw 50°" anniversa?]' on July 20, 1985 Photo of Lindsay and Elma Calder celebrated 50° anniversary Aug. 22, 1986 Page 7 Photo of Ruby Woods on her 80 birthday celebration Feb. 1, 1986 Page 8 Blank Page 9 6 Photos: 2 photos of Alderhomeâ€"Lot 12, Con. 8, Zorra, Spring 1985 Photos of Murray Alderson playing pool in his converted milkhouse with Howard Hepworth Photo of Marie Alderson chatelaine of the beautiful farm house Page 10 Blank Page 11 5 Photos: Photo of Marjorie MacDonald, Guelph Education Specialist, Irene Richardson, W.I., and Debbie Steele, W.S.A. Photo of Helen Woolney and ‘Farm Family‘ puppets Photo of Helen Hryniw and more puppets Photo of Helen Hryniw and Laura Green with puppets they made Photo of 2 women carrying basket of goods | Page 12 5 Photos: Photos of Peter Fleming with teachers at Professional Development Day Agriculture in | the classroom held at A.J. Baker School | Photo of Murray Delowe with ‘layer flock‘ f Photo of Murray Delowe and family ‘ Photo of Fred Munro with Murray and Beth Pearson for Dairy Farm visitation Page 13 5 photos: Photo of Helen Hryniw, Jessie Thornton, Vivian McDonald, Mary Timbs and Marjorie Spearin. W.I. served lunch at Agriculture in the Classroom Professional Development Day 1 Photo of Sherry Martin Oxford Dairy Princess * Photos of Food Samples and Brochures | Photo of Beth Tousaw | Page 14 Photo of Ross Butler and Margaret Fleming in front of artist‘s originals ; Photo of Beth Deslippe originator of the Butler Project chats with elementary school staff | Page 15 3 Photos: Photo of Marjorie Spearinâ€"Sec‘t Treasurer and Mary Timbsâ€"President Kintore W.1. 1985 | Photo of Helen Hryniw and Pirie Mitchell at Jr. Optimist Community Concert Apr. 1986 ‘ Photo of Elsa Deslippe, Bernice Hopson and Eva Tate at 4â€"H W.I. meeting | Pamphlet from The Butler Project from Oct. 24, 1986 | Page 16 5 Photos: Photo of Helen Hryniw presenting gift to Catriona Stewart | Photo of W.1. President Mary Timbs and 4â€"Her Cheryl Steele { Photo of Kent Wood, Kim Wood, Catriona Stewart, Tina Sim, Caroline Stewart, Cheryl Steele and j Alfred Thornton | Photo of Paula Whittaker, Cheryl Steele with guest Julie Hopson . Photo of 4â€"H Partyâ€"Guest Shirley Logan with Kim Wood and Caroline Stewart | Page 17 2 Photos: Photo of Caroline Stewart at 4â€"H Food Fair April 11, 1987 | | 1 |

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